Park Features
  Discover why Northgate Cyberzone offers the total e-environment
    Campus Setting

Northgate's campus-like park has the space for expansion and growth for its existing and upcoming locators.

Northgate was master-planned by the SWA Group, a leading US firm that designed several I.T. campuses including Silicon Graphics, Intel, IBM West Coast, Dell Computer and Hewlett Packard Roseville.


• Wide availability of communication carriers are serviced within the zone: PLDT, Globe, Bayantel, Eastern Telecom, Philcom and Digitel via fiber optic.

• Multi-source centralized water system

• Advance technology sewage treatment plant

  Wide Road Network  ››  

Northgate's campus-like I.T. park features lush greenery, open spaces, wide pathways for pedestrians, wide roads and pocket gardens.

  E-Buildings ››

Intelligent buildings with large high-effciency floor plates at 1,800sqm per floor.

  IT School

Informatics International College, the zone's pioneer academic institution, offers international foreign degrees from prestigious affiliate colleges and universities in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Asia.

The school is located within Convergence Block to encourage business and the academe to interact. This is to replicate the Stanford-Silicon Valley phenomenon that made the center of  innovation in the I.T. world.

  Dining Center ››

Located at the Convergence Block, F@stbytes, the dining center will initially have 8 food outlets running on a 24/7 basis. Diners will have the option of in-door or al-fresco type of dining.

  24/7 Transportation ››

Filinvest Express”, a shuttle service makes it faster, safer and convenient for locators/employees to go in and out of  Filinvest Corporate City.

South Station, a multi-modal transport station where commuting public can safely and conveniently transfer from one mode of transport to another is 500 meters from Northgate Cyberzone.

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 PEZA Incentives  
To encourage and support the development of world-class ecozones in the country, the Philippine government established the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA). PEZA, a part of the Department of Trade and Industry, has taken an aggressive and direct role in attracting investments into the Philippines  
 FCC Advantage
Filinvest Corporate City (FCC) sprawls over an expansive 244 hectares of prime property in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Master-planned to be competitive with the world’s most modern cities, FCC is the premier central business district and major urban center in southern Metro Manila.
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