PEZA Incentives

To encourage and support the development of world-class ecozones in the country, the Philippine government established the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA). PEZA, a part of the Department of Trade and Industry, has taken an aggressive and direct role in attracting investments into the Philippines.

Under Rule XV of the Rules and Regulations to Implement Republic Act No. 7916, PEZA-registered locators within Northgate Cyberzone can be granted the following tax incentives:

1.   Exemption from the payment of all national internal revenue taxes, such as gross receipts tax, value-added tax, ad valorem tax, excise tax, income tax, documentary stamp tax, percentage taxes, and all other taxes found in the National Internal Revenue Code.

2.   Exemption from the payment of all local government impost, fees, licenses, or taxes including local business tax, transfer tax on the sale of real property, real estate taxes, community tax, mayor's permit fee, sanitary fee, other regulatory fees and other taxes and fees found in the Local Government Code and particularly in the Tax Ordinance of the local government unit where the economic zone is located.

3.   In lieu of the exemption from national and local taxes, the ECOZONE enterprise shall pay a 5% final tax on gross income. For an ECOZONE export enterprise, the following are considered to be allowable deductions from net sales:

4.   One-half of the value of training exercises incurred in developing skilled or unskilled labor or for managerial or other management development expenses incurred may be deducted from the 5% final tax (chargeable against the share of the national government).

5.   Exemption from duties and taxes on imported capital equipment, spare parts, raw materials and supplies.

6.   Exemption from wharfage dues, export tax, impost or fee

7.   For the first five years of operation, additional deduction equivalent to one-half of the wages paid corresponding to the increment in the number of direct labor for skilled and unskilled workers.

The following are PEZA registrable activities:

1.   Software development for business, e-commerce, education and entertainment;

2.   Content development for multimedia or internet purposes;

3.   Hardware design, prototype production and related activities;

4.   Knowledge and computer-based support service activities such as but not limited to the following:

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 FCC Advantage
Filinvest Corporate City (FCC) sprawls over an expansive 244 hectares of prime property in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Master-planned to be competitive with the world’s most modern cities, FCC is the premier central business district and major urban center in southern Metro Manila.